So much music

before films and events at Wind-Up Fest. Taina Asili & Gaetano Vaccaro (Breaking A Monster) perform

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In the haunted, southern gothic town of Uncertain, Texas, hunched on the Louisiana border, desperate men battle their demons. “May I defeat my greatest enemy, myself,” one intones in prayer. The demons take many outward forms: marauding wild boars that ravage the countryside, noxious weeds (salvinia molesta) that choke Caddo Lake at the center of the region’s economy, drug and alcohol problems that torment them and those around them, and fits of violence that burst forth and ricochet through their lives. This masterful debut feature is highlighted by memorable images—such as a search party on the water using flashlights—that reveal bit by bit, an archaeology of the human spirit. While southern noir is nothing new, this kaleidoscopic portrait of a town feels like a fresh kind of nonfiction.

  • Radio 1-2-3

    Radio 1-2-3 if our first foray into radio podcasts! Hear from Scott Carrier (This American Life), performance by dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, and the premiere of Love + Radio's latest podcast.

  • Olmo & The Seagull

    A journey through the labyrinth of a woman’s mind, Olmo & The Seagull tells the story of Olivia, a free-spirited stage actress preparing for a starring role in a theatrical production of Chekhov’s The Seagull.

  • The Wide, Wonderful World of Wind-Up

    A new afternoon tradition: a variety show all based in nonfiction + short films.

  • Bloody Mary Brunch

    Ease into your Sunday morning with a delicious brunch catered by Williamstown’s noted Hops & Vines restaurant.