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Day 4

Bloody Mary brunch, conversation on ethics of documentary, groundbreaking film Of Men and War, and live

Of Men and War

Of Men and War situates us in the middle of a Napa Valley–based retreat center for PTSD-afflicted veterans of the Iraq war. Some rage and rail against the world’s indignities, but over time their deep humanity emerges, thanks to the efforts of pioneering therapist Fred Gusman. Deeply grounded in authentic, earthy characters, including wives and children, filmmaker Laurent Bécue-Renard gains stunning access to these fragile souls and their stories. And he and his collaborator Camille Cottagnoud have an uncannily intuitive way with their cameras, creating a uniquely fluid intimacy. Of Men and War is a big movie about forgiveness, group dynamics, trust, guilt, shame, and the value of counseling and anger management.

Co-sponsored by the Gaudino Fund, the Healy Fund, and the WWII Fund at Williams College.

  • Radio 1-2-3

    Radio 1-2-3 if our first foray into radio podcasts! Hear from Scott Carrier (This American Life), performance by dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, and the premiere of Love + Radio's latest podcast.

  • Wishbone Zoë + Seratones + George Langford

    Breakout garage rockers Seratones and junkyard rocker Wishbone Zoe headline the Saturday night party + late night dj set with Javelin's George Langford.

  • Of Men and War

    Director Laurent Bécue-Renard mixes it up with cinematographer Kirsten Johnson (CitizenFour) after a screening of the landmark Of Men and War about a trailblazing therapy center.

  • Uncertain

    Uncertain is a jaw-dropping look at a Texas town where nature has gone haywire and the residents are all living on a precipice. Afterwards, Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Elizabeth Kolbert (The Sixth Extinction) speaks with the directors.