1. to change direction; bend; turn; meander / to make a mechanism operational by tightening the mainspring with a key / to haul or hoist by means of a winch    

At the beginning of the summer we set out to stir up the storied Williamstown Film Festival, turning it on its side. First, we changed the name to embrace the separated-at-birth towns, North Adams and Williamstown. Second, we believed sparks could fly by co-mingling creators of nonfiction, from docs and podcasts to performance and long-form journalism. We decided to toss in some live music too.

This is an experimental year in which we road-test our festmaking schemes.  If this succeeds, you can say you were there the very first year when we concocted an idea together and started to make it go.

So thanks for taking a meander with us this weekend. Now, if you don’t mind, can you help us by tightening that key? This thing needs a hoist.

Wound up, Paul Sturtz & Sandra Thomas


Since 1999,the Williamstown Film Festival has brought the finest contemporary films, directors and actors to the pastoral hills of the Berkshires. Each Film Festival season aimed to honor film’s history while concurrently celebrating the present cultural moment.

Wind-Up Fest, Williamstown Film Festival 2.0, shifts the focus to a core of world-class documentary films and their makers, while re-envisioning the festival as a celebration of nonfiction in all of its forms in a truly northern Berkshires experience, incorporating venues across Williamstown and North Adams. It is an enchanted expedition to the fiery core of nonfiction, guided by the world’s most compelling creators of documentaries, podcasts, long-form journalism, live performance and storytelling.

Board of Directors
Joe Finnegan – President
Peter Thomsen – Vice President
David Nickoll – Vice President
Jane Patton – Treasurer
Eric Kerns – Clerk

Board Members: Roger Clark, Jonathan Cluett, Stephen Hannock, Joan Hunter, Kristen Johanson, Sue Killam, Jeff Kleiser, Diane Pearlman, Jim Shepard, William Strong


Paul Sturtz

It was his big idea! Would you expect any less from someone who was on Indiewire's short list of visionaries that are changing the course of film? He is inspired by this place: the northern Berkshires, North Adams and Williamstown, the factories and the culture, the nature and the hope. This is just the start of his big idea. He is also the co-director of the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, MO.

Sandra Thomas

She brings creative vision to life! From venues to fundraising, community outreach to website, event coordination to party planning, she has her hand in every part of the fest. After running Images Cinema for 12 years, she has a pretty good sense that audiences around here are going to love Wind-Up.

Rebecca McBrien
Rebecca McBrien

She was our B-HIP intern this summer and now she is on staff as our operations coordinator. From managing social media to coordinating with venues, recruiting volunteers to hosting our Weekly Wind-Ups, Becca is on the job!

Emily Watts
Emily Watts

You might know her from Unsilent Night, North Adams Makerspace, or her role as executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. She’s multi-talented and multi-employed, working with the fest on both programming and publicity, marketing and outreach.

Jennifer Crowell
Jennifer Crowell

She walked into the room and said, "I'd like to help!" How could we refuse that offer? Jen's knowledge of bands and production means that we have a skilled professional managing the late night music showcases! Rock on!

Kate Shawyer
Kate Shawver

She recently moved from NYC with her partner, Derek Leuridan, to open a web design studio in the Berkshires. Kate and her team designed and built the website and are excited to be a part of Wind-Up Fest's first launch!

Katie Kovacs
Katie Kovacs

A recent transplant to the northern Berkshires, Katie has been working nights and weekends on our new look. Logo, posters, and print are all thanks to her creative flair. We might tap into her budding DJ skills during the fest.

May Beattie

May is joining us as our Guest Services coordinator. She will be attending to the travel, hospitality, and daily needs of our visiting artists who are traveling here from as far away as France to as close as North Adams.

Tim McEvoy

For the past 8 years, Tim has been on the tech staff at MASS MoCA. He's now the Technical Director at Mt. Holoyoke College's Dance Department. He's spending the weekend with us, coordinating our tech needs across media and venues. Whew, what a relief!

Greg Babush

A seasoned festival techie, Greg and his DCI-compliant projector are coming to the northern Berkshires and transforming the movie going experience across venues. He has been working film festivals for over 10 years including Telluride, MountainFilm, True/False, Ashland Independent Film Festivals, and Palm Springs and now Wind-Up!



Alicia Maher
Jonas McCaffery
Ginny Sheldon
Joan Zegras
Dave Ackerson
Krystal Henriquez
Isaac Wood
Stephanie Mendoza
Polina Malikin
Kath Connolly
Steve Witzig
Donna Kozloskie
Elena Fernandez
Adrian Dunn
Savannah Rae Siever
Chris Handschuh


Cornelia Alden
John & Jane Allen
Lisa Avery
Dudley Bahlman & Debra Dimassimo
Joan Benjamin & Lawrence Cherkis
Ellen J. Bernstein
Joan Dix Blair
William & Margo Bowden
Deborah Brothers & Paul Park
Betsy Burris & Brad Wells
Mary Jo & Russ Carpenter
Roger Clark & Sarah Derico
Jonathan Cluett
Stacy & Eric Cochran
Tom & Liz Costley
Sam Crane & Maureen Strype
Deborah Dane
Rose Ellis & Steven Green
Gintare Everett
Joe & Tracy Finnegan
Juliet Flynt
Sarah Foehl
Tom Fontana
Deborah & Ron Gallagher
Susan Gold
Tom & Ann Greenwood
Elizabeth Hannock
Stephen Hannock
Joan & Jim Hunter
Kristen Johanson & Tom Green
Jeffrey Johnson & Hy Conrad
Ken & Mary Kargman
Janette Kessler
Ira & Fran Lapidus
Penny Low
John & Anne MacKinnon
Jeanne Marklin & Gerard Caprio
Bill Matthiesen & Liz Stell
Nancy McIntire
Barbara & Don McLucas
Carla Meehan & John Cook
Martha Mohr
David Moore
Gerald & Shirin Nash
Paul Neely
Jane & Doug Pickard
David & Maribeth Pomerantz
Leslie Reed-Evans & Art Evans
Mary Rosasco
Aaron Rothschild
Deborah & David Rothschild
Dorothy Rudolph
Lynda & Ed Scofield
Susan Scully
Brock & Merry Ann Simon
Sheila Stone
John & Janie Strachan
Meryl Streep
William Strong
Jonathan Swartz
Jay & Rachel Tarses
Audrey Thier & Peter Murphy
Jean Vankin